It's here!  The future of business brought to you by social technology. Discover why business as you know it will never be the same—it will be much, much better.

Today's social technology is unleashing an intellectual and productivity driven revival that is changing the world in fascinating and unpredictable ways. SOCIAL INC. explains this emerging business-led renaissance and how it  is being fueled and forged by unprecedented levels of connectivity, empowerment, engagement and innovation brought to us through today's social technologies. 

Not about Facebook or social media marketing, SOCIAL INC. is a thought-provoking “stake in the ground” for an engagement and experience driven revolution that is changing the rules and economics of business.  

With a foreword and social technology customer innovation story written by Marc Benioff, Chariman and CEO of (the most innovative company in the world according to Forbes) this is the first strategic story about today's social technology by a CEO for other CEO's and their employees.

Blending strategic and tactical insights into a framework to understand the forces being altered with these powerful tools, Zukis provides the first social technology roadmap for leaders and their organizations. Using history, hindsight, and foresight he illustrates why business will never be the same because of this disruptive technology—it will be much, much better.    

If social technology can turn governments upside down, just think what it can do to—or for—your company. The social technology driven future is at hand for business, read SOCIAL INC. and discover:       

  • Why social technology's volatile history will shape the coming business-led renaissance worth trillions.
  • How from Drucker to Deming to Porter, they saw this revolution coming.
  • How to enable your company's social technology fueled destiny.
  • What the social technology enabled business world of 2020 will look like.

Get ready to set your company's future free.

About The Author: Bob is a Senior Director at Genband where he is working on making the internet a real time immersive communications vehicle through their leading PaaS A former CEO and Partner at PwC, he has a long history of helping businesses find their future with new technologies and in new markets. He has worked in 20 countries on 4 continents, in multiple industries across a variety of strategic and operational functions. He has an MBA from The University of Chicago, is a Senior Fellow, Governance Center at The Conference Board, a member of the SoCal NACD Board, an Advisory Board member at the UC Irvine Center for Disruptive Technology and he is an advisor for Skoolbo, where he is helping leaders in early childhood education make the world smarter through social technology, one child at a time. 

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He is a supporter of the 1/1/1 model of corporate philanthropy pioneered by Marc Benioff and will donate the proceeds from SOCIAL INC. to no-kill animal shelters around the world.  

Did you know that people with cats and dogs live 2-3 years longer than those without pets?  (source:

So go ahead, buy a book and save a life—theirs—and yours.  

A business-led renaissance doesn't come around very often.  

SOCIAL INC. is the only book you'll need to understand how to capitalize on these amazing technologies and to help shape the future—for the better. Let's set the future free!


Bob got it then (cloud computing in 2002), and he gets it now. SOCIAL INC. takes you on a fascinating journey...
— Marc Benioff, Chairman and CEO
Zukis is uniquely positioned to take the key aspects of this topic and create a usable boardroom tool.
— Corporate Board Member, NYSE Governance Services
Zukis’s observations are very thought provoking and it’s nice to have someone finally explain social in terms a CEO can relate to.
— Dave Yarnold, CEO ServiceMax
This book is an absolute must read–visionary!
— Anderson Bell, CEO FanFueled
If you read ONE book this year…this should be it.
— Michael Gilbert, Founder Street Level Apps