One Simple Step To Improve Board Governance Over Social Media And Technology


Stanford's Rock Center for Corporate Governance and The Conference Board recently conducted a survey of executive and board practices around social technology with some stunning findings.  In a nutshell, companies and their leadership understand they have an issue with social but they are not doing enough about it.    

Download the first ever Social Media and Technology Board Calendar below to join me in fixing this problem. 

Here's the link to the Stanford and TCB survey.

So a perfect storm is brewing around changing enterprise risk profiles due to social media and technology together with the inability of boards and leaders to understand and govern this new risk environment.  

Given this, does anybody not think that corporations will continue to have social media or technology disasters, disruptions or problems moving forward? Of course they will -- but it doesn't have to be this way.    

Fortunately there is an easy solution available for Boards to dramatically improve their governance over all things social -- improve Board level governance over social and operational improvement will follow. First, as I've said before Boards should add social media and technology skills into their Boardrooms.  Second, they then need to get the social agenda onto the boardroom calendar.  

I can offer help on both fronts, but together, we can help a lot of other Directors all around the world.  To address the tactical board level activities that need to take place around social media and technology I produced the first ever Social Media and Technology Boardroom Calendar.

Tweet to download the Social Media and Technology Boardroom Calendar.


Poor or no corporate governance over social isn't an option -- but I need your help to get the message out and to raise every Board's social IQ.  You can download the Social Media and Technology Boardroom Calendar for free and help spread the word to other Directors with a tweet.   Together, let's use the power of social to solve the social media and technology governance problem!     

The majority of those we surveyed don’t have social media guidelines in place at their companies, haven’t had a social media expert consult with their company, and don’t have systems in place for gathering key information. They are putting themselves at serious risk by not taking action.
— Stanford GSB Professor David Larcker

After your tweet, the download box will turn green and you can download or print the first ever Social Media and Technology Board Calendar.   Let's lead by social example -- go social governance!

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