Hot Dogs, Labor Day and Social Technology


Labor Day as a holiday is a celebration of the economic and social contributions of the great engine that is the American worker.   Prideful, resourceful, creative and determined -- America has been built by one of the greatest workforces the world has every seen.   

A federal holiday since 1894, we've been celebrating work in America almost as long as there's been a structured approach to managing the worker and the work -- we've been eating hot dogs even longer.  

The Worker and the Work

Frederick Taylor ushered in the modern day business management experiment in 1911 with his paper The Principles of Scientific Management.   Taylor espoused the worker as an unthinking  cog in a great big industrial machine.   The business management experiment has long since evolved beyond this view to include concepts around the organization, motivation, quality, teaming, competitive advantage, leading and moving cheese.       

Results of the 100 Year Business Management Experiment

The past 100 years of the experiment have been birthed from the great minds of Taylor, Drucker, Deming, Porter and many others. The mosaic of theories, practices and approaches have created the modern day corporation -- a collection of people framed by artificial boundaries, rules, policies, segmented responsibilities, matrix structures, performance management plans to nowhere, silo's and inefficiency.  Far from perfect, but it nonetheless accomplished some great things.  

But we need and want more.   Business is not delivering on what we want -- ironically, we can't deliver as employees what we want as consumers.  The 2012 Edelman Trust Barometer shows enormous gaps globally between what we expect and what business is delivering.   From listening to customers needs and feedback, treating employees well, ethical business practices, transparency and quality; business can do better -- a lot better.    

Liberation of the Modern Corporation

Why can't we deliver on what we want?   The problem is the modern day corporation -- it gets in the way.   It's imperfections are now being exposed.   But have we reached the pinnacle of business management thinking?   Far from it.   Fortunately the experiment is now being open sourced to the billions who have demanded it through their rampant adoption and use of new social technologies -- to the workers of the world.     

The experiment now includes the collective brainpower and effort behind the greatest engine we've ever had -- each and every worker in America and around the world.   Employee's are not only engaged in the experiment now, they are leading it as the social empowered consumers, investors and workers of every company everywhere.  

You know what you want, and you know how to deliver it.   The social enterprise uses this technology to take the next big step forward in business management theory and practice -- the social enterprise.    

The social enterprise taps into the enormous untapped potential of workers the world over through the power of social technology. American workers and workers everywhere rejoice -  a Labor Day party is coming like no other.  Hot dogs for everyone!

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