Are You A Social CEO? Take This Test To Find Out.


Do you know any CEO’s who don’t use the telephone?   Not anymore, but they used to be out there...125 years ago.  In a few short years business will wonder how it ever go anything done before social technology.  

But, can a company truly realize all of the massive benefits of social technology without having a Social CEO?   No.  This is a leadership moment. So who's leading?

The Social CEO Winner Is...

A recent The Street poll identified the winner of the first ever Social CEO survey.  It wasn’t even close.  Marc Benioff, Chairman & CEO of won in a landslide with 85% of the vote over Tim Cook, Mark Zuckerberg, Twitter CEO Dick Costolo and the field.  Here's the poll.  

The social revolution is fundamentally about how companies deliver an experience using the tools and techniques of social technology -- from the CEO on down. CEO’s who get this will sway markets with a level of sincere engagement and trust that others will not be able to match. These CEO's will set an example that their companies will follow.  These companies will reinvent what it means to do business with them, and you'll be happy that they did.   

Are you a Social CEO?  Take this test to find out.         

Social Inc. - Social CEO Test

1.  How often have you talked to your Board about social as a strategy and social technology?

  • (a)  It’s a regular part of our standing Board calendar.
  • (b)  They’ve asked some questions, and we have a Board member who gets it. 
  • (c)  The Board doesn’t understand anything about social.

2.  What’s your social strategy about?

  • (a)  Changing our entire business from how we make money, to how we engage customers, employees, investors, partners, to how we get things done.  
  • (b)  Marketing, marketing & more marketing.  It’s about selling more stuff!  Boooya!
  • (c)  Not getting any bad press, I hate that stuff. 

3.  As CEO, do you have a named Twitter account (e.g. @bobzukis)?

  • (a)  You bet I do!   Great engagement tool with the market.
  • (b)  We have a corporate account, I think.
  • (c)  What’s Twitter?

4.  How often do you Tweet and how?

  • (a)  A lot, sometimes a few times daily, and I do this personally.
  • (b)  Someone does this for me, but they Tweet regularly.
  • (c)  What’s a Tweet?

5.  Do you know what’s being said about you, your company and competitors online?

  • (a)  We monitor it 24/7 and I share it with the Board.  We are really in touch with our markets on a real time basis.  
  • (b)  We react -- panic is more like it, when something blows up.
  • (c)  What’s online?

6.  Do you prevent access to social networking sites for your employees?

  • (a)  Not at all, we encourage all of our employees to be active at social networking, but we do have guidelines and we train our employees. This stuff is experiential, you have to be willing to experiment. 
  • (b)  We restrict most employees from accessing social sites, scary stuff.  We let a few dabble with it though, but it's really tightly controlled. 
  • (c)  We have that stuff locked down, what a waste of time.  We have work to do. 

7.  Do your children know more about social networking, media or technology than you do?

  • (a)  They like to think they do, but no way.
  • (b)  Yeah, the little brats, but at least we can talk about it.
  • (c)  Who knows, they never call.

8.  Who owns the social agenda in your company?

  • (a)  Everybody does, from the Board to all of our employees.
  • (b)  I’ve got some marketing person running with it.
  • (c)  Good question, not really sure, someone in IT I guess.

9.  How is your CIO and IT team involved with social technology?

  • (a)  All over it, core to our approach.   They are briefing the business regularly on new developments and working hard to integrate social tools, technology and approaches into our overall IT architecture.   My CIO is a social god.  
  • (b)  I think they are looking at it, but we already have a Facebook page.
  • (c)  They are freaked about the risks.  TOTALLY FREAKED!

10.  What's the future look like, do you think social technology will still be here in five years?

  • (a)  Absolutely, it’s a basic tool for our business and it’s all about communication, collaboration and behavior.  There are some real economic benefits to the technology and it’s much bigger than just Facebook.
  • (b)  We’ll see, how about that Facebook IPO? 
  • (c)  It’s a fad for kids.   I don’t understand why someone would want to know what I had for lunch.

Scoring: a= 5 points; b = 2 points; c = 0 points. 

If  your score was 40-50: You are setting a Social CEO example -- 30-50:  You’ve got some social game, but you need to pick it up -- < 30: The benefits of social technology are passing you, and your company by. 

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