Why Modern Business Management Is Failing...And How To Fix It


The modern day business management experiment is barely a century old. From Taylor, to Drucker, to Deming, to Porter the experiment has been a poorly designed exercise that has left business unable to meet, let alone exceed expectations.  

The gaps aren't marginal, they are enormous.  

From listening to customers needs and feedback, treating employees well, taking responsibility when things go bad, having ethical practices, positively impacting communities, protecting and improving the environment, being transparent and open in their business practices, the 2012 Edelman Trust Barometer reflects the fact that businesses are dramatically failing us, all around the world.      

Your Company Is In The Way

Our expectations as employees, consumers and investors far exceeds what business is currently delivering.   There is dramatic room for improvement…and disruption.   Do something bad enough, long enough and something better will come along.   The business expectations gap is so enormous that the opportunity to deliver something better is now at hand.  Business has invited this crisis and disruption to it's doorstep. 

But there's an irony in this.  We know business can and needs to be better, but we're powerless to fix it as employees.   So what's in the way?   The modern day corporation is.  

The Open Sourcing Of Business Success

Business management theory and practice has been a long suffering experiment with one goal in mind -- to get a bunch of people to work together to make as much money as possible.    Matrix management, intrinsic and extrinsic motivation, change management, performance management programs to nowhere, org hierarchies and structures, job descriptions, team building,  leadership development, incentive programs, on and on.  These artificial boundaries and structures have all been cobbled haphazardly together -- it's been a poorly designed exercise executed by people who were making it up as they went along.  

Companies that understand the dramatic productivity power behind social technology are able to design, run and manage their businesses through social connections, communications, communities and collaboration.  It's an open sourced collaborative model, that finally works the way that we want it to as consumers, investors and employees.  

Social Technology Is A New Competitive Weapon

Social companies work the way that these great business thinkers envisioned, without all of the artificial boundaries in the way.   The problem hasn't been with the business management theory, it's been with the execution.  Finally, social technology can fully enable the vision and also usher in new productivity and innovation plateaus.      

A new day is dawning, one where business is social in design and execution with social technology at the forefront.   We've invited this disruption to our doorstep -- the only question is -- will you be the disrupted, or the disruptor?  

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