The Social Inc. Maturity Model - Where's Your Journey Heading?


Using social technology to transform your business is a no brainer.  Social tools are dramatic productivity enhancers.  This saves you boatloads of money and also improves your ability to continuously evolve and improve the experience you deliver in the marketplace.  This means it's a tool for revenue growth and expansion as well.  

Want to improve profitability?  Social technology.   Want to enhance your market proposition with customers, employees and investors and grow revenue?  Social technology can help you get there.    

The model is also a great tool for Boards to understand the scope of issues that they should be concerned with.  

The Path To Success

So where are you at in understanding these tools, integrating them into your business and embarking on your Social Inc. journey?   I've spent the last 30 years working across four continents and 20 countries to help companies find their future in new markets and with new technologies.  I thought I'd provide you with a tool to  help you understand the journey -- the Social Inc. Maturity Model.  

This model helps you to do a high level assessment of  where you are at against the ideal state.  It is intended to provide you with directional insight as you use these technologies to transform your business, from your top line all the way through to your bottom line.  The model migrates through the four key stages of awareness, adoption, understanding and exploitation. 


Not using social technology is like trying to run your business without a telephone, it's table stakes.   Time to set sail on your Social Inc. journey.    All aboard!

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