Are You Socially Collaborating With Your Customers?


You should be, so say the results of the SM ATW 2012 survey. 

What else can you learn from this research as you figure out how social technology will impact your business?   Social 1.0 has been about these external sites like Facebook and Twitter.   Social 2.0 is all about how you use and apply the tools and techniques of this technology to improve profits and drive growth for your company.

While this survey focuses on external social networking sites and relevant behaviors,  there are some insights that can help you understand the bigger strategic opportunity behind using this technology to lead, manage and run your company.  

Here are the key takeaways:  

Free and smart labor - 80% of your customers are willing to help you co-create. Know anyone else who wants to work for you for free?

Social equals emerging markets growth - Highest penetration, usage and intensity rates for external networking sites are in emerging markets like Argentina, Brazil and India. If you want growth, social is your pathway in these markets. 

Social is here to stay - 95% of current users plan to keep on using these sites, this stuff works. Some of you may still be asking for what…but there are productivity and innovation benefits behind social engagement and connection, communication, community and collaboration that makes these tools indispensable.  Using these tools to take your business to the next level, is as fundamental as using the telephone.

People don't believe your company - Almost two-thirds of people are influenced by the opinions of others about your product or brand. Social users are 3x more trustworthy of the opinions they get from people they know, as compared to what your company tells them. Almost 4x more so when compared to CEO's, and 6x more so than politicians -- no surprise here. 

Here's the entire survey result. 

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