How To Get 1 Million Man-Years Of Work Done In One Month

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What business doesn't need to get stuff done, a lot of stuff?   Here's the secret weapon for business in creating and sustaining a competitive advantage through social technology; both productively and intellectually.    

Nielsen recently released their 2012 Social Media Survey and highlighted the fact that over 121,380,000,000 minutes (that's 121 billion) were spent on social media sites in the month of July.  That's a lot of time for just one month and it equates to 1,011,500 man-years of work using 2,000 as the base hours that an average person will work in a year.  

One Million Years

A million years of accomplishment all in one month!  I know, not exactly.  It's a million years of funny faces, silly puppy, here I am…where are you, mmmmmm…good interactions and shared experiences that make up the day to day social engagements on many social media and networking sites.  Fun stuff…but not exactly making the world go round in a business sense.   

But, take the tools and techniques of social interaction and put them into the workplace in a tool like's Chatter, and context starts to take hold.  Context focuses a collaborative effort on the job at hand.  Amplifying engagement, bringing clarity through social accountability and moving things forward--moving business forward.  Meetings with a few people, voice mail, email, con-calls…what is it 1990?     

Social technology like Facebook has taught people a new way to interact, share information and get things done.  The tools and techniques of social are brand new ways of collaborating, but it's so far been largely applied for personal activities, not within the context of a business.   According to Nielsen, the daily engagement through these tools is only around 32 minutes. That's it?  

Chatter Me This

Take a tool like Chatter, put it into the workplace and you've got 480 minutes a day of interaction and engagement.   Within a workplace, these tools are productivity drivers.  They are also intellectual productivity tools that can make teams more creative, and collectively smarter than any one individual is on their own (more on this in another post).  

Social technology in the workplace is a game changer for business.  Think you've seen all social has to offer?  Not even close.  Business is the next killer social technology opportunity worth trillions.  Just ask McKinsey.     

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