The ROI of Being a Social CEO, The Risk of Not


Sure, you're a CEO but are you a Social CEO?  

That is, a leader who understands what social technology is all about and uses it to connect, communicate, collaborate and create community with and between your customers, employees and shareholders?  I'm not talking about just Facebook or Twitter, but also using these tools to change the way that your company gets work done and creates a value proposition around your products and services. That's the real juice.  

Brand Fog just released their second CEO survey of social media engagement and the data indicates that there is a ton of value to be had in being a Social CEO.   Here are the highlights:

-83.9% of respondents believe that CEO social media engagement is an effective tool to increase brand loyalty 

-80.9% believe it helps attract new talent and contributes to employment branding

-87.5% believe it works to raise the profile of the corporate brand

-80.8% believe it's effective as a tool to increase purchase intent

-Nearly 70% believe that leveraging social media makes CEO's more effective leaders

Wow, a customer loyalty, brand enhancement, sales improvement, recruitment and retention and effective leadership tool, all wrapped up into one.  Here's a link to the entire survey: BrandFog 2013 CEO, Social Media and Leadership Survey.

I must follow the people. Am I not their leader?
— Benjamin Disraeli

This is where your markets are, on social.  Your customers, employees and shareholders have all flocked to these tools and are not going back.   Interestingly, risk aversion is still holding back 1 in 4 from using this technology.   With these results, the real thing to be afraid of is your competitors realizing these kinds of benefits before you do.  Go social!  

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