What Will Social Look Like in 2020?


I answered part of this question this week with Simon Constable of the WSJ Digits Live team in NYC.  My recently released book Social Inc., includes my 10 predictions for the social technology enabled business world of 2020.  Simon asked me about #10, The Rise of Information Poverty.  

Basically, with nearly 5 billion people converging around this technology in the next 4 years, if you are not connected to this collective of humanity, you will be increasingly economically and intellectually disadvantaged.  Whether as an individual, business, society or economy.   Information poverty will increasingly relate and lead to economic poverty.   Thank you Simon, and here's our conversation. 

For the first time in the history of the world, the world is about to be connected in real time through this technology.  Landline telephone penetration rates never got above 20% globally. What will we do with this incredible opportunity?   Social Inc. tells the story of the future of business brought to us through these tools.  

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