Blowing Up The Internet As We Know It

The internet has done an incredible job of connecting people with people, people with information, people with advertisers (ugh) and increasingly, people with the things around them.

But there's been one glaring gap in these interactions; they've been asynchronous. For the most part, there's a time lag in the connections, interactions and information that gets exchanged through the internet. We post something at one point in time, and it gets consumed in another.  


This is all changing, and here's why I'm really excited about this as it applies to me as a customer, employee and business leader. The ability to interact on a real time basis through the internet with the people, information and companies we choose to do business with will create a much, much better user experience. That's great for me as an employee or consumer and it's a great opportunity for any company as they can drive revenue and reduce costs by delivering a better user experience.

Think about Amazon's Mayday button which gives their Kindle users the ability to launch an immediate one click video chat and co-browsing session with tech support.  Who likes calling an 800 number for customer support and getting into the hellacious experience of interactive voice response? Not one person on the planet that's who—no one. 

The internet as a rich and synchronous multi-media platform changes this. Real time interactions that are embedded in any business process that offer video, voice and chat with the ability to co-browse and identify user presence offers the ability to do so much more, and so much more better.  

Thousands of Use Cases

-Customer service and support can use video, co-browsing and presence to improve net promoter scores that can drive revenue, and at the same time lower costs relative to legacy network costs.  

-Using live video through a shopping cart can reduce cart abandonment and up-sell opportunities. 

-Embedding real time player interactions in online gaming can enhance, deepen and prolong the gaming experience in multi-player environments.

-Connecting employees through real time multi-media communication channels can improve field service or how people team to get their jobs accomplished more effectively.    

There are thousands of applications from telemedicine, the connected car, connected banking, virtual concierge for hotels and gaming, etc. Bring your industry and bring your business process because real time communications has no boundaries and it doesn't discriminate. 


Google got the ball rolling with Web RTC, but bringing this to life at scale requires integration with legacy communications infrastructures. I'm working on Genband's PaaS and this is exactly what we're delivering—federated and embedded real time communications, anywhere and everywhere.

In short, I'm blowing up the internet as we know it because this is a better way of connecting with each other and the world around us.       

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