The One Tech Prediction You've Been Looking For

I pulled together my Top 5 list and then I realized that my predictions all related to the one big trend we'll see in technology throughout the year—  

2016 is the year of technology driven business transformation  

A lot of technology tools created over the last several years will hit the mainstream. Which means in 2016 we'll see many of these technologies suddenly "appear" as they get rolled out and transform the products, services and how we engage with the organizations that we choose to do business with.  

You can also call it the year of the use case, but creativity will abound in how these tools change the day-to-day world of business. Business has also figured out that better technology can drive revenue and productivity which means they know there is money at stake, and nothing motivates business more.    

As with many things, it takes the alignment of multiple factors to really see mainstream business disruption. Here's what will drive this:.   

Mobile Has Swallowed The Galaxy - Driven by many convergent developments but juiced by a high dose of performance enhancing IoT, mobile first, only and always takes over as spatially and temporally relevant value propositions deliver a lot more value for end-users. Companies, products and services that do not deliver a mobile first proposition will lose, and lose big in 2016. Thanks to smartphones, there's latent demand for better mobile business technology because we're all now more technologically proficient than the companies that serve us—there's a mobile technology vacuum to be filled

Leadership Answers The Cybersecurity Wake Up Call - This medicine is being forced down, but the patient will nonetheless start to feel better. Recent  developments on a coordinated public-private effort towards cybersecurity including the recent proposed bill to require US Boards to disclose cybersecurity competence in the Boardroom, will force corporate leadership to finally pay attention to this critical issue. With cybersecurity, we'll start to see fewer top tier brands with headline cybersecurity stories, although attacks will be refocused on the laggards, who will be toast. This will have a transformative derivative effect as it will bring the IT strategy and competitive advantage conversation front and center for many leadership teams. 

The Shiny Object - Drones, virtual reality and the driverless car already dominate the headlines. But these aren't ready for prime time—they'll be relegated to niche use cases throughout 2016. Don't get distracted by the shiny object, the focus of 2016 will be sustainable technology driven business transformation. I like anything that changes end-user engagement and drives productivity—so real time communications, IoT and of course mobile are all in my sweet spot for 2016. Demand and tastes are changing because of technology, how companies respond to and fulfill these changes with technology enabled products, services and propositions is now the 2016 ante for business. 

We've voted with our technology wallets and we now want business to deliver with theirs. This is where the day-to-day work takes place and real value gets created. Happy 2016! 

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